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Legally speaking, caring for an elderly loved one or a family member with special needs can be a complex and difficult process. There are specific legal and financial matters you will need to face, and it is important to do so with the information and guidance it takes to make the right choices.

The decisions you make about housing, public benefits, estate planning, and other related issues will have an immediate impact on both your life and the life of your loved one, as well as significant impacts in the future.

At Disability Planning Partners, we tailor our services to our clients. Our goal is to help you make the best possible plan of action for your current and future legal needs. Our dedicated Hartford disability and estate planning lawyers believe in creating real, lasting partnerships with each and every client.

You can count on our team to be with you through all ages and stages of disability. We believe in the value of planning for a disability even when an individual is currently healthy. We can help you create an entire disability plan instead of just preparing paperwork for a disability trust.

Our practice areas focus on the unique legal needs of individuals that fall under each of the four spheres of disability, including intellectual and developmental disabilities, younger onset disease processescatastrophic injuries, and age-related disabilities. No matter your specific goals, our firm is here to help.

What is the purpose of estate planning?

The purposes of estate planning are:

  • To name guardians for minor children in the event of premature death or incapacity;
  • To name individuals to act on your behalf, in the event you are unable to act, such as an agent under a Power of Attorney and an agent for medical decisions
  • To direct who will inherit assets when you pass away
  • To direct the methods of transferring property to your heirs
  • To direct how real estate should be handled when you pass
  • To direct the person or people who will handle your estate when you have passed away.

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Disability Planning Partners offers a wide range of special needs planning services in Hartford and across Connecticut.

Our team is happy to assist you with the following and more:

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