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Aging – Legal Support in Connecticut

The aging process often affects us in a variety of ways. We of course experience aging ourselves, and are confronted with the personal challenges, and fears, that this process may present. Moreso, we bear witness to the aging process in our spouses, parents, grandparents, and loved ones, and embark on a planning journey to preserve the safety, independence, and legacy of those nearest and dearest.

As we confront our own aging, and the aging of those around us, we often hear —

  • How can I provide or access the care and support my loved one needs?
  • How can I balance planning for loved one with my other family and work obligations?
  • How can I access vital care while preserving the legacy that my loved one worked a lifetime to build?

How can our team of attourneys help you?

Our attorney takes a holistic, multi-generational approach to the aging process, and will help you to answer these questions, and any others that keep you up at night.

We will do far more than file a Medicaid application on your loved one’s behalf. We will

  • Facilitate family discussions as to how to manage the shifting family dynamics
  • Implement planning strategies that will help to maximize private assets, while simultaneously filing a Medicaid application to access timely care at home or in another appropriate setting
  • Assess current care needs and assist in accessing technology and other assistive devices to preserve dignity and independence

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