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What Makes Disability Planning Partners Different?

Disability Planning Partners is a law firm dedicated to developing a personalized understanding of its clients and what they value. By understanding each client’s unique circumstances and goals, we are able to develop a comprehensive legal plan that addresses each client’s current and future needs.

With Disability Planning Partners, you will experience the vast distinction between drafting attorneys, and planning attorneys. A Hartford drafting attorney provides clients with a set of estate planning documents. When you partner with us, the documents are just one piece of a multi-faceted mosaic.

By forming a relationship with a planning attorney, as opposed to a drafting attorney, you will embark on a partnership with professionals who will guide you and your family through all ages and stages of life.

Planning for Individuals with Disabilities

Estate planning is different for individuals with disabilities. When individuals are diagnosed with a disability, they intuitively know to call upon medical professionals, such as doctors and therapists. However, they often do not realize that in addition to a medical team, they need legal partners as well.

Without proper planning, disability can jeopardize financial stability and security. Beyond that, disability can impact an individual’s physical and emotional wellbeing, altering personal independence and family dynamics. We understand how disability shifts the life course. In partnering with our firm, we provide the legal guidance necessary to protect your financial needs, to access personal care, and to navigate your way to a prosperous new normal.

Planning for Individuals Without Disabilities

"There is only one thing certain and that is that nothing is certain." -Gilbert K. Chesterston

At Disability Planning Partners, we plan for both the expected and unexpected. The term "disability" appears in our firm name because we recognize that no one is immune to disability, and that the best estate plans are reflective of this fact. Because we view estate planning as more than a set of documents, we take the time to develop a strategic plan that meets your present needs, while also anticipating potential intervening life forces that may require a future disability plan.

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Our team is committed to championing your best interests and the best interests of your family and loved ones. When it comes to estate, disability, or special needs planning, we go above and beyond for every one of our clients. Our dedicated attorneys can answer your questions, address your concerns, and provide you with the peace of mind you need in knowing your future is secure.

What Makes

Disability Planning Partners Stand Out?
  • Devoted & Trusted Advocates

    We work together with you as a team towards your unique goals

  • Personalized Legal Counsel

    When you entrust us with your case, your best interests are our top priority

  • Creating Lasting Relationships

    Our team will stay by your side through every age & stage of life

  • Committed to You

    We offer video conferences & in-home initial consultations

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