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It’s wise to plan for the future of your estate long before you approach retirement age. Who will have power of attorney if you cannot make decisions for your property, bank account and other assets? Carrying out proper estate planning can make all the difference in ensuring that your assets, like real estate and personal property, are protected.  Estate planning is also critical to minimize your taxes, and to ensure that your rights are asserted and your wishes are carried out.

Estate planning can bring immense peace of mind in knowing that you and your loved ones will be protected. Considering the assets you have (including life insurance), your property and government programs like Medicaid, we will strive to make sure you can continue to live a dignified life. Creating a plan while you are still in good health can help you avoid problems later on, should you become unable to plan for your estate in the future.

Our team at Disability Planning Partners can assist you with a wide range of legal estate planning matters, including wills andtrusts, special needs planning, elder law issues, and probate. Our estate planning attorneys are prepared to help you through all of life’s major transitions, the probate process, and planning for the future no matter your specific needs or concerns.

We have created lasting relationships with clients throughout the state, working to address their unique estate planning needs and offering outstanding representation throughout the process. At Disability Planning Partners, we go beyond simply preparing the necessary paperwork. Instead, we work directly with you to create an all-encompassing plan for your future.

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What Can an Estate Plan Accomplish?

There are many reasons to create a proper estate plan, not least of which being that such a plan can protect the future of your loved ones and your assets.

Estate planning can offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Ensuring your exact wishes are carried out regarding your property and assets
  • Arranging for your assets to be immediately available to your spouse, children, or other loved ones after you pass on
  • Protecting your assets from estate tax, creditors, and lawsuits
  • Providing for a loved one with a disability or special needs
  • Ensuring your wishes are carried out regarding medical care and end-of-life treatment if you cannot make these decisions for yourself
  • Establishing a person you trust to make legal and financial decisions
  • Establishing a trust or trusts to provide for loved ones and protect your assets

No matter your age, health, or the size of your estate, our team can provide you with information that applies to your unique situation. We can help you create a plan for a potential future disability, working to address the unique requirements of each of the four spheres of disability. When you work with one of our dedicated Hartford estate planning lawyers, you’ll receive more than just an attorney— you’ll receive a reliable partnership that will last through every stage of your life.

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