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A Statement Of Support For Disability Planing Partners

We pride ourselves in how we work with our clients.  It’s a relationship we seek to develop throughout the lifetime of working together.  Lola, the daughter of one of our clients, sent us this note that does a great job of describing the experience of working with us from the client’s perspective.  You can see her mother’s video testimonial here as well.


And, they hear you. Then, they take action with confidence, deep knowledge, generosity, and genuine kindness.

They are brilliant at building attorney-para-legal-client relationships. They are seasoned professionals. They develop personal connections with you as they are steering, explaining,  affirming, and improving absolutely everything.

Their ability to lean- in with clear-cut, confident representation gets the job done.  They fearlessly “take the bull by the horns.” Atty. Claudia W. Englisby and Paralegal Jacqui Maxon wasted no time in tackling a wrongful (and detrimental) situation we encountered with a provider. They also led us in applying for state and federal benefits and in putting together a system of care for our elderly mom that worked.

The next test came when the system stopped working. But guess what?

DPP’s team is not afraid of unexpected hurdles. Because Elder care laws, and the rules of the huge systems of Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare and estate planning are subject to change -small cost of living increases, even on a tiny social security benefit, can start a landslide of problems. And that is (part of) what happened to us. In a matter of months, we began receiving new bills for mom’s in-home care totaling multiple thousands of dollars. They kept mounting each month. It was terrifying. And trying to find anyone to speak with directly at the State level was challenging – and soul-numbing.

DPP vaulted right back into service. Their advocacy and guidance saved us financially (and emotionally).  Ensuring that Mom’s in-home care does not take every penny of her retired teacher benefits meant securing asset protections that we never would have known existed without DPP’s guidance. They have supported us and taught us in inestimable ways.

They CARE!
Sending the prettiest bouquet of flowers to my mom when she landed in the hospital was above and beyond. Everyone on the team is so very thoughtful. It is almost unbelievable.

The gratitude and admiration our family holds for (everyone at) Disability Planning Partners is immense. They are magnificent. They are compassionate. They are reliable. They have splendid legal minds and credentials. And … they are unpretentious, down-to-earth humanitarians.

-Lola E.