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Finding a facility for an aging parent during COVID-19

Covid eldercare

COVID-19 and Eldercare Facilities

COVID- 19 issues are newsworthy again today, November 9, 2020.  First, Pfizer has released headlines saying their COVID-19 vaccine is predicting to be 90% effective.  What great news!  As others are echoing the infamous phrase from ‘Game of Thrones’, “winter is coming, ” the other important news is the US News and World Report list of best nursing homes by location. The report also includes separate ratings for short-term rehabilitation care and long-term chronic care.

U.S. News evaluated over 15,000 nursing homes to determine the Best Nursing Homes to help you find the best care for your loved one. The report’s general results are available here in a PDF, but anyone wanting to search should click on the link in the first paragraph for supplemental information to this blog.

When we have safety measures reverting to older guidelines to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus, an especially critical issue becomes relevant from this past Spring.

Families are more challenged when a loved one needs skilled nursing services.  Fear about the rapid spread of the virus takes hold.  Limited or no visitation is exasperatingly difficult.

This report sheds light on some good options when searching for, “the best place for mom.”  Disability Planning Partners (DPP) can offer supportive legal services in this search and in the applications for admissions.   DPP can also provide a financial evaluation for asset protection strategies for folks having daily care needs. State benefit programs offer payment for long-term care, but they may have assets and income limits.  Our team can work with you on a financial restructure so that private assets will be protected from the high costs of long term care.

Lastly, despite the article offering useful information to help you choose a skilled nursing facility, families need to know that Connecticut has very strong State programs which allow someone to receive all the needed care at home, no matter if the home is an apartment, a condominium, the family house, or living with an adult child.

Planning issues are plentiful.  At DPP, we want to know you, your family, and provide full legal services ranging from creating simple estate planning documents through the completion of a full Medicaid application.  Contact us to find out all the options which may be helpful for you.