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Looking to Save with Medicaid? Amazon Prime Membership Offers Help

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Amazon Prime Membership Offers Help with Medicaid

Amazon has quickly found a foothold in today’s technology driven marketplace. As part of their mission to become the world’s most customer-centric company, Amazon now offers a discount on Amazon Prime membership to Medicaid beneficiaries.

Instead of the usual price of $12.99 per month, customers with a valid Medicaid card or EBT card can get a Prime monthly membership for only $5.99 per month – a savings of $7.00 per month, or $84.00 per year! (If you’re used to paying $99.00 per year for a Prime yearly membership, this will still save you over $25.00 per year).

You’re probably immediately asking: “What’s the catch?” No catch, per se, but there are certain requirements and limitations:

· The discount is good for a maximum of 48 months

· Recertification is required every 12 months

· Prime benefits cannot be shared with other household members the same way they can be with a traditional Prime membership

But how can you leverage Amazon Prime to actually save you money on your purchases?

Amazon offers a service known as “Subscribe and Save” on certain products that Medicaid beneficiaries may need, but which are not otherwise covered or reimbursed by Medicaid. Some eligible items include household supplies; grocery items; and personal care items, including traditionally expensive incontinence supplies, such as bed pads and underwear.

You automatically save 5.0% by subscribing to automatic deliveries for these products, and if you receive more than 5 subscription products per month, you save 15.0% on each. It’s important to do your homework and make sure that you are getting the cheapest price on Amazon, but the added convenience of automatic delivery is hard to beat. For more information on Amazon’s discount program for Medicaid beneficiaries, click here.

For more information about Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program, click here.

*Disability Planning Partners, Inc., is not in any way affiliated with Amazon and does not receive any commissions from these programs. We simply thought this was great information, and wanted to share it with you.