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Family Inspires Us – Attorney Kathleen D. Tetreault

Disability Planning Partners co-founder, Kathleen D. Tetreault, was featured in Life Publication’s Rocky Hill LIFE magazine’s February 2020 edition. Delivered to approximately 10,000 homes, the magazine highlights the best local people and businesses within the Rocky Hill community.

The article tells the story of how Kathleen’s love of her disabled Uncle Danny inspired her to pursue a career in disability law. “If you are blessed to have someone with a disability in your life, then you are bound to see a ripple effect of goodness”, declares Kathleen.

Uncle Danny had a strong influence on her entire family; his sister, Kathleen’s mother, became a nurse. Her sisters include an ARPN, a music teacher and a physical therapist, all inspired by Uncle Danny.

Originally a theater major at Central Connecticut State University, she changed her major to Philosophy and later graduated from Western New England Law School in 2013.

Law partner Claudia Englisby was also inspired to serve as a disability attorney by her own mother’s stoke. The two share a philosophy. “I want to have the opportunity to see things changed and improved,” Kathleen told Rocky Hill Life.

Now as an advocate for people with disabilities, Kathleen serves as the “hub of a wheel”, coordinating financial advisers, housing, employment, a client’s social life, and anything else than can be supported with a legal plan. “It is not just us [the legal partnership with co-founder Claudia Englisby], not just with our clients, but with the agencies outside the legal realm,” Tetreault said.  That holistic approach makes Disability Planning Partners a unique firm and has helped lead to their success.

Read the full article for more information on Kathleen D. Tetreault’s journey to co-found Disability Planning Partners which provides elder law, estate planning, and disability planning needs.

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